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Quality Programs

Renal Ventures' quality programs are focused on more than measuring a few numbers, attaining expected clinical performance measures, or seeing how we 'stack up' against other providers. We are completely rewriting the standard of renal care through a series of innovative programs – throughout all aspects of the renal care process – that effectively deliver superior quality and outcomes.


Stemming from a philosophy of focusing on the employee in order to improve patient care, RV Difference embodies a unique company culture that embraces the important role we play within the lives of our patients. We strive to create an enjoyable workplace built on a foundation of motivation, teamwork and quality care. Employees at all levels participate in the program, which includes a number of recognitions and awards to support exemplary service and teamwork. It creates a fun and rewarding team environment and promotes kindness and compassion for those under our care. 

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RV Academy is a state-of-the-art education program for Renal Ventures' employees. RV Academy is designed to more effectively deliver high caliber training and resources. Supported by regional educators, RV Academy uses the most contemporary techniques for teaching, including online learning management systems, laboratories for hands-on education, preceptorships and one-on-one instruction.

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The transition to renal replacement therapy during the first 120 days carries an increased risk of infection, heart disease and death. Well-informed patients are capable of making timely decisions with their physician that can reduce the risk of complications and ensure an optimal transition to dialysis. RV CARE is a program designed by Renal Ventures to specifically target those conditions that result in high hospitalization and mortaility rates. The program has received national recognition for its impressive results.