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Go Red on Feb. 6 to raise awareness of heart disease and stroke

Go Red on Feb. 6 to raise awareness of heart disease and stroke

Jan 30, 2015

Go-Red-for-Women_story_02.jpgWhen 1 in 3 women die of heart disease and stroke, according to the American Heart Association (AHA), Renal Ventures wants to do its part to promote health and wellness.  RVM surrounds its patients with a community of caregivers consisting of staff, family, and friends; both male and female.  So when the AHA created National Wear Red Day on February 6th to encourage people to wear red clothing to raise awareness for heart disease and stroke for women, we want to do our part and encourage our staff, patients and the general public to participate.

For over a decade, the AHA has held National Wear Red Day with the steadily encouraging news that women's heart disease death rates have decreased by 34 percent.  At RVM, we encourage our employees and patients to wear red on February 5th and 6th, and educate patients about this number one killer of women and dialysis patients.

Go-Red-for-Women_story_01.jpgWhether you're wearing a crazy red outfit, snacking on healthy red snacks like apples or watermelon or a non-alcoholic sangria-style drink with raspberries, donating to the AHA, or providing patients with information about risk factors, we should all participate in National Wear Red Day and do our part to prevent heart disease with education and lifestyle changes.

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For tips, advice, and to watch a video of Elizabeth Banks promoting heart disease awareness, head over to

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