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Bayonne unit's patient's suggestion leads to wristband available for all

Bayonne unit's patient's suggestion leads to wristband available for all

January 27, 2015 at 2:19 PM

Wristbands_story.jpgProtecting a patient's fistula arm is paramount to their health.  The arm and access should be protected from injury, tight clothing, and, by all means, blood pressure cuffs or needles.  However, how are emergency personnel supposed to know a patient is on hemodialysis and that no blood pressure or needle sticks should be done to that arm?  Thanks to a patient at Bayonne, all facilities have the option to purchase red wristbands with the words "No BP, No Stick" from RVM's Company Store.

Near the end of last year, a patient saw the red "No BP, No Stick" wristband and thought they would be great for all patients to wear, in case of emergency.  Clinic Coordinator Elvira Delos Santos discussed the wristband with him and worked with Director of Marketing Kim Travis to come up with a solution.  With the patients' care as their number one priority, they researched the best way to provide access to acquire the wrist bands to all facilities.

Working with the manufacturer, Travis was able to get a good deal on the wristbands and they are now available in the RV Company Store at a discounted price.  They come in four sizes and will be shipped directly to the clinic for distribution.

Click here to order the wristband from

"I appreciate the patient for reaching out to us with the idea and to RVM for the support and assistance in making the wristband available to Bayonne and all RVM clinics.  That's the RV Difference culture at work improving our patients' lives," said Delos Santos.

Thanks to the coordination between patient, clinic staff and home office staff, we have a great preventative solution to protect patients' fistulas from blood pressure cuffs or needles.  That's the RV Difference!

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