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Emerging Leaders program graduates expand their minds, share experiences

Emerging Leaders program graduates expand their minds, share experiences

January 06, 2015 at 11:47 AM

Emerging-leaders-2013-14---group-shot-01_story.jpgThe Emerging Leaders program is designed to identify and prepare future leaders at Renal Ventures Management.  In 2014, the program had an inaugural graduating class of 17 participants who, over an 18 month period during 2013-14, took courses, training classes and simulation learning to advance their leadership knowledge and abilities.

The program consists of two tracks.  The management track provides new managers or individuals who are working towards a management role, the opportunity to learn about the business and develop the skills needed to be successful in their new roles.  The focus of the "individual contributor" track is to prepare employees for RV initiatives, projects, teams and support roles.  Each curriculum consists of six courses delivered through online training, webinars, books and a week-long session in Denver.

We talked with several of the recent graduates to see which parts of the program were most valuable, what skills they've learned and the value it has brought to their job.


What part of the Emerging Leaders program was the most valuable to you?

Dany Anchia (Charge Nurse at North Dallas): The time management skills were a great tool for me. We practiced and applied tips and exercises to help us become better time managers.

Kathleen Potvin (Administrative Assistant at Lewisville): Meeting everyone and working together with the role playing and discussions helped me to understand all sides of the business and not just my section. 

Sarah Spallone (Systems Administrator at home office): I now use many of the aspects from the "Crucial Conversations" class and I don't even have to think about it anymore.  For example, when somebody says "That's fine" I learned to rephrase it in my mind as "I know you say you're fine, but the tone of voice you use doesn't quite follow."


Emerging-leaders-2013-14---workshop-01_story.jpgHow have you put something you learned in the class to use in your job?

Spallone: In our department, learning to relate to people is very important, which the Emerging Leaders class helped with.  I also learned to empathize with the pressures my co-workers are under. 

Potvin:  I used the information we learned during the "Generations at Work" class several times recently.  The information we learned has opened my eyes to the differences between generations and exactly how to work with all ages. 

Patryk Kilinksi (Operational Systems Associate at home office): I used information from the "Crucial Conversations"  frequently when I am on the phone. Just recently I was understanding of a situation that I did not have control over, but was being blamed for. I focused on understanding what the person wanted and kept my composure.

Leanne Delgado (Accounts Receivable Coordinator at home office): Often in my job, I am using the techniques from the "Coaching and  Discipline" class to develop my direct reports and discipline when needed.


Emerging-leaders-2013-14---workshop-02_story.jpgHow do you feel this class has prepared you to become a leader?

Potvin: In order to become a leader, I had to believe I was capable of becoming one.  This program helped me step outside my comfort zone to find the self-confidence and assurance that I could do much more than I thought I could.  For example, I was working with a co-worker two states away, whom I've never met, to produce something that benefits the company as a whole.   Without this program, I would not have been in a position for that to happen.

Kilinski: People have many different styles of learning and communication so I have learned how to adapt to everyone's different style. Being a leader means you work with many people and you have to know how to work with each person on your team.


Overall, what did you think of the Emerging Leaders program?  Would you recommend it to others?

Delgado: It gave me insight into how to handle situations with my direct reports and be successful with my outcomes. I highly recommend the Emerging Leaders program for anybody who has stepped into a leadership role.  

Anchia: I would recommend it because I believe that investing in those of us who run the clinics is an investment for the future.

Kilinski: It is a great way to learn about yourself and improve on your skills and learn new ones. It also gives you much to think about regarding where you want to be in the future.

Potvin: The Emerging Leaders program is wonderful and challenges you to think outside the box and to step outside your comfort zone embracing new experiences.  I was the person who prefers to sit in the back of the room trying to be invisible, but this program helped me gain self-confidence and assurance.


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