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Impact Leadership class helps employees boost leadership skills

Impact Leadership class helps employees boost leadership skills

November 21, 2014 at 4:46 PM

Called an mini-MBA in leadership, the Impact Leadership group recently met for their third session, of four total, in Dallas, where they continued their leadership training and delivered project proposals to the executive team.  The class, which is designed to take these leaders and managers' leadership skills to the next level, focuses on the individual through workshops and reading materials, while also helping them work well as a team with peers and direct reports.


The first two sessions took these nine students to the corporate office and New York City where they learned about emotional intelligence and interpersonal relationship skills.  Putting these classroom lessons to work in the real world was sometimes a challenge.

Kim Travis, Director of Marketing, attended the class, and found it difficult when her team had to complete an active-learning challenge in Manhattan. Travis said, "You had to learn what your team's styles [of communication] were and you had to be aware of yours.  You had to mold them together to move forward to achieve the objectives."

The Impact Leadership class teaches these RVM employees via many forms.  The reading and group dialog assignments throughout the program inspire the participants to learn about thought leadership in areas outside of their day- to-day environments in topic areas including managing relationships, team dynamics, taking risks, mentoring and other essential leadership capabilities. 

Impact-Leadership-Dallas_story.jpgAs a kind of final exam at the Dallas session, they create a proposal for implementing a project to improve an aspect of the business at RVM.  By going through the process of choosing a potential business improvement project, gathering data, creating a step-by-step proposal, and then presenting it to the executive team, the students became internal consultants advising the executives on key business needs.

The fourth and last session will tentatively take place in February with this graduating class being the third to complete the program.

Commenting on what she learned from the Impact Leadership class, Travis said, "It was an amazing experience to connect with various people throughout the organization, strengthen my leadership abilities, and most importantly, it taught me the importance of effective communication and strategies for how to lead teams."

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