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Kids at Mount Saint Vincent enjoy visit, food

Kids at Mount Saint Vincent enjoy visit, food

November 14, 2014 at 11:57 AM

main-administration-building.jpgFor the home office's 4th quarter RV difference charity event they decided to help Mount Saint Vincent, a residential treatment program for severely neglected and abused children, ages 5-12.  The volunteers, led by Recruiting Coordinator Evan Stratton, visited the home on November 7  where they were met by Angela Frederick, volunteer coordinator, who gave them a tour of the school and explained the treatment programs they use.

After the tour, the volunteers provided dinner for the kids from Kickin’ Wings, which was a huge hit. After dinner they broke into small groups and played bingo and other games with the kids.

mount-saint-vincent.jpg"It was very touching to know that these kids who have been through so much still enjoy meeting new people, play games and have smiles on their faces," said Stratton.

"It made my whole year to see them light up like Coors Field to get a Slinky for playing bingo. I plan on doing more for them, with the organization and on my own," said Infusion A/R Specialist Jacqueline Scheidler.

Also enthusiastic about the volunteer opportunity was Infusion A/R Specialist Antoinette Martinez, who said, "My heart goes out to those men and women at Mount Saint Vincent who fight everyday to save those kids.  They are truly angels on earth."

  • Learn more about the treatment center at

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