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Bayonne unit's patient's suggestion leads to wristband available for all

Thanks to a patient at Bayonne, all facilities have the option to purchase red wristbands with the words "No BP, No Stick" from the RV Company Store.

Go Red on Feb. 6 to raise awareness of heart disease and stroke

The AHA has created National Wear Red Day on February 6th to encourage people to wear red clothing to raise awareness for heart disease and stroke for women, we want to do our part...

Keller opens doors to public, medical community

Even though they've been open and certified since October, the Renal Center of Keller has thrown open its doors and will host an open house on Tuesday, January 20.

West Beaumont clinic packing up & upgrading for move East

The relocation of the Renal Center of West Beaumont is underway and when it's complete, Golden Triangle Dialysis will open its doors for business on April 26.

New CMS rating system faces criticism for methodology

This month the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) added a Five-Star Quality Rating System to the Medicare Dialysis Facility Compare (DFC) website. The new rating system has been severely criticized by dialysis providers and patient advocacy …

High-Protein French Toast

Make it a tasty mental retreat transporting your mind to the streets of Paris with this recipe for high-protein French toast.

Home Kidney Care adopts wallaby as 'honorary team member'

Nona Rose is a 14-month old pet wallaby owned by a home hemodialysis patient of Home Kidney Care.

Emerging Leaders program graduates expand their minds, share experiences

The Emerging Leaders program had an inaugural graduating class of 17 participants who advanced their leadership knowledge and abilities.

Newark Slaw

Making this side jazzes up just about any chicken or barbecue dish, however watch your portion size to keep your potassium level in check.

Dr. Tom Parker named VP of Clinical Affairs for Dialysis

RVM has named Dr. Tom Parker VP of Clinical Affairs for Dialysis, a new position within the executive team.

Over 75 attend Renal Center of Keller open house

Clinic staff were joined by Renal Ventures corporate and infusion employees, the Keller Chamber of Commerce, and residents of the local community to learn more about their new neighbor.

Staff memorial service remembers patients at North Denton

Recently, North Denton showed that they care beyond when patients receive dialysis at the clinic to include celebrating the time they had with them after the patients pass away.