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Patient Resources

In this section you will find valuable resources to help you and your family. If you click on any of the buttons below, they will bring you directly to the section you're looking for.


About Your Kidneys

Learn about your kidneys, how they work, what kidney failure is and what it means.

Living With Renal Disease

Learn about nutrition, traveling, emergency preparedness and coping with CKD.

Treatment Options

Learn about your different treatment options: whether it's at one of our centers, in your home, kidney transplant or no treatment.


Here you'll find Frequently Asked Questions that will help answer some of the questions you may have.

 Chronic Kidney Disease 

Learn about about Chronic Kidney Disease, what is CKD, how it's diagnosed, stages of CKD and End Stage Renal Disease.

Dialysis Pamphlets

Here you will find a wide variety of helpful, downloadable pamphlets about dialysis.

Kidney-Safe Recipes

Browse through our growing library of delicious kidney-safe recipes.

Renal Adventures

View recent and archived issues of "Renal Adventures," our patient newsletter.