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RV Kidney Care

RV Kidney Care

The RV CARE Kidney Care Program is a quality-focused Renal Ventures program offered for patients diagnosed with Stage IV and Stage V kidney disease. Our physicians refer patients to this program through their RV CARE Partners or clinic staff. The goals of the program include transitioning patients to dialysis with permanent accesses, modalities of choice, and low mortality and hospitalizations rate at the start of dialysis. Other goals include:

  • Decreasing emergent dialysis starts
  • Better volume control
  • Maintaining or improving nutritional status
  • Least disruption to patients’ insurance coverage and their lives

Since inception of the program in 2012, we have helped over 150 patients to self-manage their conditions. Of those who started dialysis, 86% of our patients started off with a permanent access in place (either functioning or maturing), and 25% started on peritoneal dialysis. Our patient satisfaction with the program has been high.